Northern Deepwater Site of Arkhangelsk seaport

 1. Goals and objectives
 2. Project description
 3. Port Location
 4. Port capacity and overall figures
 5. Managment company
 6. Construction phases
 7. Vessels types
 8. General location plan
 9. Power resources demand
 10. Technical-end-economic indexes
11. Cargo flow
 12. Socio-economic efficiency
 13. Planned activities' financial sources
 14. Presentation

1. Goals and objectives

  Within discussions on substantiality and economic viability of new deepwater Arkhangelsk seaport construction considering the existing automobile and railway roads and prospective, Belkomur railway construction expert estimates have been provided. The estimates were provided by international cargo transportation companies and seaports construction experts.
  The final report data testify that the new deepwater port site projects with annual cargo base of 30 mln tons can be evaluated as an intermediate stage since the total forecast of the future cargo bas will exceed 50 mln tons.
  Building a new modern seaport with a separate outgo to the World’s waters near Arkhangelsk will be of great value in implementing Russian export and transit potential. The port will become one of the most perspective strategic facilities of Russia.
  Development of the deepwater seaport site of Arkhangelsk is closely related to Belkomur project implementation. Belkomur is included in the Trunk Railway Development Strategy of Russia up to 2030. The Strategy is approved by the Government of the Russian Federation on June 17, 2008. Belkomur project implementation is based upon state supported public-private partnership. The project considers construction of Solikamsk-Gayni-Syktyvkar-Arhkangelsk trunk railway (1155 km) by 2014-2015.
  Both projects are included in the Complex Program of Industrial and Infrastructural Development of the Republic of Komi, Perm Region and Arkhangelsk Region. In June 2007, Governors of the Program participating regions signed Memorandum on Program Joint Implementation.
  However, Belkomur project gains emphasis to the freight senders only in case of simultaneous implementation of Arkhangelsk deepwater seaport site construction. In this case the optimal transport and logistical scheme will be implemented. The scheme is aimed to develop contacts of Russia with trade partners in the markets of EU, North America and South America, Central and Southeast Asia.

Map 1

New railway construction: Solikamsk - Gainy - Syktyvkar - Arkhangelsk (Belkomur)

  Goals and objectives of the new deepwater port construction are completely on a par with RF socio-economic development priorities and transport development strategy, i.e.:
  · Program of Socio-Economic Development of the Russian Federation in the middle-term perspective (2005-2008);
   Transport Strategy of the Russian Federation up to 2020 approved by the Order of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation from May 12, 2005 (No. 45);
   Strategy of the Russian Federation Transport Development up to 2010;
   Federal Target Program of RF Transport System Development for 2010 2015;
   Projects of RF transport strategy till 2030 and Strategy of Long-Term Socio-Economic Development of the Russian Federation up to 2020.

  The project is endorsed by the Federal Agency of Sea and River Transport under the RF Ministry of Transport. The Directorate of Sea Transport Development programs' public customer under the Federal Agency Rosmorcherflot gave a positive opinion on the project.

According to the Socio-Economic Development Strategy of Arkhangelsk region up to 2030 the new Arkhangelsk industrial seaports deepwater site construction is the priority project of Arkhangelsk region.

  Map 2

Russian transport passage “North sea route” in the system of international transport passages

  The RF Government has adopted two important documents on the Arctic basin. The documents are the Concept of the Northern Sea Route Development and the List of Highlight Measures on the Northern Sea Route Development (see map 2). These documents determine goals, objectives and guidelines of sustainable development and commercial utilization of the Northern Sea Route within market economy up to 2015.
  RF Ministry of Regional Development has included the project of Arkhangelsk deepwater seaport construction in the Concept of RF Socio-Economic Development. This will provide the Northern Sea route functioning and considerable mineral resources turnover in the Russian northern regions.
  On September 20, 2008 during the Government session the RF Ministry of transport submitted the documents on the set of measures focused on seaports and port special economic areas development. Here the Arkhangelsk port is ranged in a second category of ports (construction to be provided at the expense of investments).

2. Project description

  The title of the investment facilities is the Northern Deepwater Site of the Arkhangelsk Seaport. The new cargo district includes four separate single-purpose transshipment complexes: coal, containers, multi-purpose and oil-loading. The annual freight turnover is estimated at 28.0 mln tons.

  The Investment project implementation will provide:
 the construction of the modern deepwater site of the Arkhangelsk cargo seaport. The annual seaport freight turnover will be 28 mln tons including 17.5 mln tons of containerized cargo;
   vessels reception deadweight up to 75.000 tons;
   the development industry, production, innovations, technologies, housing, entertaining and services performing in the port area;
   jobs creation in Arkhangelsk region (9.000 new jobs). 1.500 new jobs will be arranged directly in the port and 7.500 jobs will be in the port infrastructural sites;
   all-level budgetary income increase in expense of extra tax revenues during the new port construction and further operation.

3. Port Location

  The Northern deepwater site of the Arkhangelsk seaport is planned to be located in the north-eastern part of Sukhoye More Gulf of the Dvina Bay.
  The choice of Sukhoye More water area for the new seaport site location is due to the following circumstances:
   The site is located within the port borders close to Arkhangelsk and transport communication;
   Sukhoye More Gulf water area is enough for port infrastructure allocation. The infrastructure development has also been considered;
   The water area is protected from the storms by Nikolskaya Kosa (Nikolskaya Bar) and Golaya Koshka island;
   Construction of the port premises can be arranged in a certain order;
   The port site adjacent area is free from housing and communal premises;
   The port site can be allocated in the water fund area;
   A 10-meter fathom curve is located 3÷4 km from the gulf. A 15-meter fathom curve is located 10÷11 km from the gulf.

  The Northern deepwater site of the Arkhangelsk seaport is planned to be located in the water fund area. The port area construction will be made of earth suitable for construction purposes. Extra resources allocation is not required. The new port sit area floor space will be 180.4 ha.

4. Port capacity and overall figures

  The Northern deepwater site of the Arkhangelsk is designed to provide coal transfer, mineral fertilizers, exported timber and oil-loading cargo. Exported and imported general and container cargo is also included.

  The cargo district includes four separate single-purpose transshipment complexes with 28.0 mln tons of annual cargo turnover . There are:
  1. Container cargo single-purpose complex with 17.5 mln tons of annual cargo turnover;
  2. Oil cargo single-purpose complex with 2.5 mln tons of annual cargo turnover;
  3. Coal cargo single-purpose complex with 5.5 mln tons of annual cargo turnover;
  4. A multi-purpose complex for the transfer of:
      general cargo with 1.5 mln tons of annual turnover;
      timber cargo with 0.5 mln tons of annual turnover;
      mineral fertilizers with 0.5 mln tons of annual turnover.

  The following works and operations are planned to be arranged in the transfer complexes of the new Cargo site:
   vessels reception, lashing (de-berthing), unloading and loading;
   cargo reception from railway and automobile transport;
   rail and automobile transport cargo dispatch;
   shipboard-type shipment formation;
   customs control of exported and imported cargo;
   receiving-departure and cargo paper work;
   other seaport activities (navigation safety, site security etc.).

  Within new freight site the construction of a ship channel, operations water area, navigation security sites, general purpose port sites and 17 cargo terminals are planned. Cargo terminals include:
   two terminals for coal transfer;
   two oil-loading terminals;
   eight terminals for containers transfer;
  five multi purpose terminals.

5. Managment company

  RF resident LLC Northern deepwater site of Arkhangelsk merchant seaport is the project initiating company.
  LLC Northern deepwater site of Arkhangelsk merchant seaport was founded by autonomous non-commercial company Povolzhskaya logistics association.
  In August 2008 LLC Northern deepwater site of Arkhangelsk merchant seaport was appointed a management company for project implementation. The decision was taken at the meeting in the Administration of Arkhangelsk region. The meeting participants were Federal State Institution State Customer Directorate for the Sea transport development programs under Rosmorrechflot Federal Agency, Federal state unitary enterprise Rosmorport, Interregional company Belkomur, Seaport Arkhangelsk captain and investors representatives.

6. Construction phases

  Construction of the single-purpose complex for container cargo transfer was defined as the first phase for financial reasons.

  Priorities of construction of oil-loading, coal transfer and multi-purpose complexes are being defined within the project works considering investors funding.

7. Vessels types

  Shallow sea depth in the construction area requires much dredging to provide corresponding water area and waterways to the design vessels secure navigation.

Chart 1

General properties of design 

Title of figure

Unit measure

Design vessels types, first phase of the site development









Length (max)















Draft (loaded)
















Cargo capacity 








  There are 2 phases of the new cargo site development:
- 1st  phase reception of vessels with 12.5 m. draft;
- 2nd  phase reception of vessels with 13.5 m. draft.

8. General location plan

  See annex.

9. Power resources demand

  The main electric power consumers in the port complexes of the new Northern deepwater site are:
   Transfer and technology equipment and mechanisms;
 Aspirating and ventilating equipment;
   Machine workshops, port machinery garages;
 Water system and sanitation pumps electric actuators;
 Household and administrative premises;
 Sites of control and inspection services;
 External light sets;
 Vessels located in port terminals.

  The projected port complex facilities belong to the power consumers of 2nd and 3rd categories (according to -2000).
  The 1st category are border and customs control facilities, anti-fire pump station, fire-alarm system, automatic telephone system, navigation systems, railway station alarm and blocking systems.

  Power supply key figures:
Installed capacity 37.600 kW;
Full energy output considering coincidence factor, capacity utilization and reactive power compensation is about 22.500 kW;
Annual electric power consumption 78.75 mln kWh.

  Electric power substation Port (110/10/6 kV) will serve to transmit electric power to the Northern deepwater site of Arkhangelsk trading seaport. Transforming substation (10/0.4 kV) is being built for electric power distribution to the consumers.
The dry cargo port site water supply will be provided by underground waters.
  A separate boiler is planned to be built for the port facilities heating. The heat transfer agent is water (95÷70°). Basic fuel is gas, reserve fuel is heavy oil.

10. Technical-end-economic indexes

  All index calculations are made in accordance with analogue facilities cost estimates. They are calculated within the construction requirements adopted in Arkhangelsk region.
  Approximate construction price is given in accordance with price calculation for the 4th quarter of 2007.
  The projects economic estimates do not include external power supply costs, external railway gate and fishery losses.
  To estimate approximate construction costs the following analogue estimates documents have been used:
   Combined multi-target cargo/passenger automobile-railway ferry complex Ust-Luga Baltiysk German ports;
   Terminals reconstruction, water area and ship channel dredging. This work will support development of coal industry in Vysotsk port, Leningrad region;
   Construction of sea passenger terminal in Vasilievsky Island, Saint-Petersburg.

  Implementation of investment projects on the Northern deepwater site of the Arkhangelsk trading seaport is being observed within public-private partnership in accordance with effective regulatory documents and RF legislation.
  When making investment contract the constructed facilities will be separated according to the public or private ownership. The construction volumes and funding sources will be also specified.

Chart 2

Capital investment in terminal waterworks construction and coastal infrastructural facilities

Title of facility

Capital investment in different complexes, RUR thous.

Coal complex 


Multi-purpose complex


Container complex


Oil-loading complex


Extra terminal and harbour vessels' terminal


Ship channel (dredging)


Total capital investments in new site facilities construction


  The final list of the facilities in the new deepwater site, capital investments, building periods and phases will be determined within project development.
  Duration deadline of the Northern deepwater site of Arkhangelsk trading seaports first phase construction is 44 months.
  Complex functioning starts from the 4th quarter of the 2nd year, the ultimate project capacity will be reached in the 3rd quarter of the 5th year.
  New port complex constructions total capital investments amounts RUR 25250.1 mln, 18% VAT is RUR 4545.0 mln (not included).
  The funding of port complex site construction will take 30% of company funds and 70% of raised funds with further federal ownership facilities construction cost recovery.
  The total income from complex construction implementation will amount RUR 7632.6 mln. Besides, VAT will amount RUR 1373.9 mln.
  According to technical and economic assessment, the investments payback period will be 8.3 years from project funding launch.

11. Cargo flow

  In the context of the 1st phase container terminals construction and commissioning, the export and import cargo will be composed by means of container cargo.

Chart 3

Operational automobile and railways volume traffic. Arkhangelsk Central Russia 



Title of cargo






Volumes, mln. tons









From USA, Norway, Great Britain and China to Russia







Chart 4

Volumes of freight traffic activity by the trunk railway Solikamsk Gayni Syktyvkar Arkhangelsk (Belkomur)
(see map 3)



Title of cargo






Volumes, mln. tons





Containers transit




USA - China, Asia - Pacific Region via Arkhangelsk







12. Socio-economic efficiency

  Construction of the deepwater seaport site in the north-eastern part of the Sukhoye More Gulf will ensure:
   Free transfer of super-ships at any international seaport;
 High activity level of North-Western part of Russian Europe. This will influence economic development of Arkhangelsk region, Vologda and Perm regions, the Republic of Komi, Nenets Autonomous District;
   Arctic shelf researches, maintenance of resources extraction complexes, coastal navigation development;
   Building of the hydrocarbon materials processing facilities in the North of Russia;
   Considerable increase of Arkhangelsk region investments potential;
   Establishment of extra 9,000 jobs in Arkhangelsk (1,500 jobs in the port and 7,500 jobs in the port infrastructural sites. Here: new companies construction including cargo handling, assembly workshops of major companies etc.);
  Annual tax allocations within the new port operation. Federal tax allocations will take about RUR 400 mln, regional tax allocations will take RUR 800 mln.

13. Planned activities' financial sources

  Port complex facilities construction will be arranged at expense of internal and raised funds with further federal ownership facilities construction cost recovery.
Funds volume and sources will be calculated after designing estimates development and investment contract celebrating.
The projects socio-economic importance being high, construction of the Northern deepwater site of Arkhangelsk seaport will be based upon public-private partnership in accordance with effective regulatory documents and RF legislation.

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