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BELKOMUR Project History.

In the 20th century Russian rail ways development was based on a latitudinal approach (West-East connection). Because of that now there is a lack of meridional rail ways that has lead to a shortage of convenient communications between raw and industrial regions of the country and existence of dead-end industrial centers. A shortage of communications has been in the North for a long time. Rail way construction in a planned Belkomur location began together with establishing Northern Coal and Metallurgy Industry in the middle of the 1930s. In 1944 rail way Kotlas-Vorkuta connected Pechora Coal Basin and Cherepovets metallurgical works. Rail road construction continued in Polar Russia further but due to a mass amnesty of the main work force GULAG prisoners it was stopped in 1953-1954.

The project came to life again in the 1990s. Belkomur had to integrate economically the Northern regions - Perm and Kirov regions, the Republic of Komi and Komi-Perm Autonomous District.

In 1995 a large scale meridional project was proposed - a rail way connecting Arkhangelsk, Syktyvkar, Kudymkar and Perm with the name Belkomur (White Sea-Komi-Urals).

The General Rail Ways Scheme Development for Russian European North (1994) was the basis of the project, it contained necessary technical and economical grounds. The General Scheme was considered and supported by Komi Government, Arkhangelsk and Perm regional administrations, Komi-Perm Autonomous District.

To implement the project in September 1996 in Syktyvkar a company project operator was established called Interregional JSC Belkomur. Its main share holders were the Russian Federation and its subjects as the Republic of Komi, Arkhangelsk region, Komi-Perm Autonomous region, Perm region and a number of large enterprises of those regions.

Institutes Lengiprotrans and Uralgiprotrans with participation of Giprotrans TEI began to develop the project.

In the beginning of 1998 JSC Belkomur began to construct a Northern link of the new rail way from opposite directions simultaneously: from Arkhangelsk region, from Karpogory to Sharda 22.2 km by Sevtransstroy as a contractor and from the Republic of Komi Ertom-Vendinga 17.85 km by JSC Pechorskoye Stroitelstvo as a contractor. JSC Komistroymost built 290 m long bridge over the Vashka river.

For the Southern link Syktyvkar-Perm a feasibility study was made and positive expertise was received.

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The complex programme
for industrial and
infrastructural development
of the Republic of Komi,
the Perm Region
and the Arkhangelsk Oblast
The complex programme for industrial and infrastructural development of the Republic of Komi, the Perm Region and the Arkhangelsk Oblast